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Product: Equation Illustrator V
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Equation Illustrator V for W98, ME, NT4+, W2000 and XP

  • Virtually unlimited text formatting.
  • Fast simple language for simple equations for simple equations
  • Storage of frequently used multi line equations (formatted text clips).
  • 7 * 28 customizable character panels. These panels can store either a single specially formatted character or a simple equation up to 255 characters.
  • Special fonts for mathematics and periodic table.
  • Cost $29.95(US) or the equivalent SWREG offers a choice of currency.
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  • Snapping lines to square root signs.
  • Import and export of *.emf,*.wmf,*.png,*.bmp,*.jpg. Export of *.gif(1) illustrations.
  • Color reduction, anti-aliasing and rotation of bit mapped images.
  • Bitmap and Enhanced Metafile clipboard formats.
  • Conversion of entered text and graphics into 'floating', sizable images.
  • Drawing tools for a wide variety of vector drawing operations: Grids, polygons, Bezier curves , mirror,scale and rotate polar and rectangular arrays, ellipse rotation plus all the standard functions.
  • Color gradients
  • Drawing of waves: Sine waves, wave sums, AM, FM, square, rectified and variable pulse.
  • High quality printed output.
  • Unlimited undo.
  • Small files, circa 5k.
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