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To download the program click on the highlighted link. When prompted choose save program to disk.


You must have a printer installed in Windows even if one isn't connected to your machine. In Windows - Start>Settings>Printers. Double click the "Add Printer" icon, follow the instructions. The port will usually be LPT1. Choose a manufacturer from the left hand list and common printer from the right hand list. If you're not sure choose HP in the left hand list and HP Laserjet 111 in the right. Keep clicking next until finished.


After clicking the download link, choose "Save program to disk" when prompted - Remember where you saved it to! If you forget but don't leave it too long it will be - in Windows, Start>Documents as MGCEQ612.? or Freeeq.? depending which you installed. Double click the icon when you find it (single click if you're using the "Documents" link). Read the license and follow the instructions.


If you download one of the files with the .zip extension you'll need to extract the installer file prior to installation. Double click the or Double click the MGCEQ612.exe or Freeeq.exe file in the unzipping program and follow the instructions.